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The new Volkswagen T7 Multivan changes the car industry

At the beginning of 2022, a presentation of passenger and cargo modifications of the cult vein from Volkswagen took place. With a base price of € 40,000, this full-size vein replaces the old version of the model on the market, which has already exhausted the possibilities of updating the technical part of components and units. The new T7 primarily features an electric power plant and advanced multimedia capabilities that customers need in the European market.

The German manufacturer used the classic proportions of the legendary bead from the past and combined it with over modern technology from the future.

Speaking of the future, we cannot ignore the issue of digital currencies and the blockchain, because for many people around the world it is an opportunity to make a profit and create their own protected assets.


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The new Volkswagen T7 Multivan changes the car industry

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