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Elon Musk personally presented the updated Tesla Model S

Despite all the technological difficulties associated with the release of new electric vehicles, the American company Tesla in the fall of 2021 will begin production of an updated model with an index of S. Among the interesting news from the presentation is the appearance of the top modification Plaid, . and acceleration dynamics from 0 to a speed of 100 km / h within two seconds. The main competitors for the Tesla Model S Plaid will be German electric cars - Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Audi RS E-tron GT. Prices for the new Model S Plaid will start at around 130,000 euros.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is equipped with three electric motors with a total capacity of over 1000 hp, which has a positive effect on the dynamics of this model. As we mentioned earlier, the beginner accelerates to 100 km / h in just 2 seconds. Also impressive is the quarter-mile mileage of 9.3 seconds, which makes the S Plaid sedan a faster production car that is produced in large numbers at a regular car factory and is not an artificial tuning studio product. The maximum speed stated for the Tesla Model S Plaid is 200 km / h. According to Ilona Maska, the new electric car will be the best on the market and will be able to make a significant contribution to the development of alternative energy. Batteries used in Tesla can be charged in just 15 minutes, but this only happens at branded fast charging stations with a capacity of 250 kW.

In the appearance of the top version of the Model S Plaid draw attention to the front splitter, wider side skirts, a huge diffuser. These body elements improve aerodynamics and downforce. The coefficient of resistance of the beginner is 0.20 Cd, and the competitor Porsche Taycan is 0.22 Cd. The biggest changes in the Model S are visible in the middle, where we are greeted by a new screen of the multimedia system, which is returned in landscape format. At first glance, the quality of materials in the cabin remained at the same low level as before, but on closer inspection it seems that the Americans still worked to improve the finish in the cabin Model S. Among the interesting solutions we note a new custom steering wheel and infotainment screen. from which you can control absolutely all settings and functions of the car.

Tesla is testing the technical developments at the Nuremberg Ring, which also symbolizes the serious approach of Americans to its flagship sedan. The tuning of the driving qualities, the operation of the brake system and much more have been significantly improved. Given the status of the model in the market of new electric cars and the image among fans of the brand, the manufacturer has relied on modernization and soft improvement of its predecessor, which is evolving along with other electric cars… 







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Elon Musk personally presented the updated Tesla Model S

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