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First look at the updated Seat Ibiza

The compact B-Class hatchback from the Spanish brand Seat has finally been updated for the 2021 model year. The newcomer received an upgraded technical filling and some external changes in the exterior. Advanced technologies will improve the image of Ibiza in the European market and will win the fight against competitors such as Ford Fiesta and Hyundai i20. At first glance, the restyled Seat Ibiza shows that the hatchback has its own style and is aimed at a demanding audience that does not follow market trends. Maybe after reviewing the updated Ibiza, some potential buyers of compact cars will still choose a hatchback than a crossover.

At the start of sales, buyers will be able to choose one of two new colors Sapphire Blue or Asphalt Blue. Seat has 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels with an original pattern that enhances the perception of the hatchback. Depending on the package of options, the car is equipped with LED headlights and other technological equipment.

The interior of the updated Seat Ibiza has changed for the better and this is noticeable not only in terms of finishing materials but also in terms of ergonomics. The fact is that the Spaniards made the central monitor on top of the torpedo, which greatly simplified the use of the touch screen. The manufacturer has equipped the central panel of devices with an improved screen with the ability to change the configuration and appearance of devices. The new infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as voice recognition. Particular attention was paid to the interior lighting, which makes the interior more expensive and more interesting in terms of individualization. Multimedia functions have been developed through the use of an eSIM card, which allows you to remotely lock / unlock the car and check various data on technical systems.

Among the optional equipment of the restyled version of the Ibiza are a separate line of safety and driver assistance systems, which add points to the European market for new cars. Various assistants and sensors monitor the technical systems in the car and help in emergency situations not to lose control of the car. Under the hood of the beginner is hidden a 1-liter three-cylinder engine in various boost options from 80 to 108 hp. In the latter case, a turbocharger is installed on the engine. The motors are aggregated with 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmissions. The average fuel consumption of the updated hatchback does not exceed 6 liters for every 100 km. Seat Ibiza is scheduled to launch in the fall of this year, the base prices for the hatchback will remain at the level of its predecessor…  


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First look at the updated Seat Ibiza

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