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First review of the Porsche Taycan Cross

Another newcomer to the premium electric car market in 2021 was a station wagon with increased ground clearance, which significantly strengthened the brand's position in the segment of crossovers with electric power plant. The Germans have always been very meticulous in developing new models, which is why when designing a new electric car, much attention was paid to the practicality and quality of the Porsche Taycan Cross. Promoting this type of body is quite a risky business, because it is not very similar to classic crossovers, but we must admit that the beginner is more practical than the usual Taycan.

The technical stuffing of Taycan Cross does not differ from the previously presented Taycan, so we will only recall the main characteristics of the engine and battery. Dual electric motors develop 670 hp. Due to the giant torque, the car accelerates very quickly. The crazy dynamics of acceleration in numbers looks even crazier, because the first hundredth version of the Turbo Cross Turismo overcomes in just 3.3 seconds. The main differences between the two different Taycan bodies are the 4.7 cm larger wheelbase and the 405 liter Taycan Cross luggage compartment. Porsche designers have added an off-road package specifically for the Cross Turismo, which looks a bit mediocre and doesn't add shine to the car. Also, the air suspension on the Cross Turismo has an extended range of 20 mm.

Despite the fact that the Taycan Cross Turismo version weighs 15 kg more than the regular Taycan, the electric car maintains a low center of gravity, behaves very confidently and stably on the road. Recall that the weight of the car is 2.3 tons, which is slightly more than gasoline counterparts. The steering of the Cross Turismo feels sharp and predictable even in difficult road conditions. The range for a charged crossover is 400 km.

The interior has already gotten a little boring, but it still has no complaints about ergonomics. The quality of finishing materials is at a high level, and the level of manufacturability corresponds to modern trends in the industry. But to say that the cockpit in a Porsche Taycan is the best in the world we can't.

The cost of the new Porsche Taycan Cross in the European market starts at around 125 thousand euros. In other markets, prices for the new model will be formed a little later…




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First review of the Porsche Taycan Cross

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