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Have a nice meeting with the new Renault Grand Scenic

There are times behind when MPV vehicles have won the hearts of European motorists, but some manufacturers continue to produce miniscule and larger veins, offering comfortable and practical machines at affordable prices. The French company Renault has left in its range of vein models named Scenic, which at one time was the most successful compact vein in the European market for new cars.

The founder of the vein class is considered to be the Frenchman Renault Espace, which debuted in 1984. At that time, the segment of comfortable and practical veins was rapidly gaining popularity in Europe. Now the market has changed, and instead of veins, the market is ruled by SUVs, SUVs and crossovers. The question is - what can Renault Scenic do today to surprise and attract customers? First, it is a fairly spacious car with a very wide transformation potential, but the main factor is its fairly rich equipment. What good is the standard 20-inch alloy wheels with chic low-profile rubber. This rubber may not be comfortable when using the car every day, but the wow effect is not bad. In addition to the regular version, the Renault Scenic has an extended modification of seven seats called Grand. Extra size and some exterior differences add up to € 2,000.

Renault Grand Scenic is a sophisticated and quality car for family Europeans, so those who do not want to have an SUV continue to buy the French veins. The French are also trying to sell their classic veins in other markets, including China and Eastern Europe. Grand Scenic is probably one of the leaders in cars up to five meters in size. By the way, even in the normal layout, the luggage compartment holds as much as 765 liters. There are a lot of pockets and niches for things in the salon. Ahead of the Grand Scenic driver and passenger, there is a custom dashboard and torpedo shape. The quality of the materials is high-quality and meets the comfortable status of the model.

Under the hood of Renault Scenic diesel power units with a capacity from 130 to 160 hp are installed. In our case we are talking about a basic 1.6-liter 130hp diesel. Its capacity is not enough for the size vein only at full load, but if the cabin is only the driver, then the situation with the dynamics is less acceptable. The average fuel consumption for the base engine is 6 liters for every 100 km of run. The estimated cost of modifying the Renault Grand Scenic Dynamique S starts at € 30,000…



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Have a nice meeting with the new Renault Grand Scenic

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