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Volkswagen ID.3 is the future replacement of the Golf model

A serial version of the electric vehicle named ID.3 was presented at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. After the premiere of the novelty, we learned some details about the technical features of the ID.3 and the options for bringing the car to the European market. As expected, the VW ID.3 comes with three different battery sizes, with the most powerful variants offering a range between 350 and 550 km without extra charge.

Volkswagen ID.3 is developed on the MEB platform, which will in the future underpin electric cars of such brands as Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi. By the end of 2019, the Germans plan to release 30,000 copies of the ID.3, by the way, these will be top modifications of the 200hp electric hatch. And next year, customers will be able to order basic electric cars with a 150hp motor. and with batteries rated for a range of 550 km. Interestingly, Volkswagen guarantees to save 70% of the battery from their useful power for eight years of operation of the car or 160 thousand km of run.

The new Volkswagen ID.3 has a slightly larger size than its renowned cousin called Golf, but thanks to the specific layout of the space in the passenger compartment, it is much larger. Also, it should be noted that the center of gravity in ID.3 is lower, which adds confidence in its running qualities.

In the middle of the hatchback we are met with a rather laconic and simple center console that focuses only on two monitors. The first acts as a virtual cockpit, which displays the instrumentation, and the second serves as an information and entertainment system. The overall concept is quite similar to that of a Bavarian competitor - the BMW i3. The quality of the materials is quite good, with everything collected with attention to detail.

The newcomer is very important for the Volkswagen Group in terms of restoring the reputation of a reliable and practical car, so the Germans have invested a lot of money in finishing this electric car and are in no hurry to bring it to the world market. The first batches will have maximum accessories and should appeal to the customers of the brand. Pre-orders are already distributed, so you need to wait for next year and collect the necessary amount of money for the new ID.3. According to preliminary information, the price for the electric hatchback starts from the mark of 30 thousand euros ...



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Volkswagen ID.3 is the future replacement of the Golf model

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