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Mirrow Provocator - a sensational novelty in the A-class

This autumn, as part of the auto show in Paris, an international team of young and ambitious managers, introduce the concept of a compact electric vehicle called Mirrow Provocator. Today, the Internet can find a lot of articles about the prospects of the new product, as well as get acquainted with the official press release Mirrow Provocator.

compact electric vehicle developers have set a goal to make a worthy competitor for the Smart Fortwo. However, to achieve a high level of safety and comfort of passengers and luggage in a small car will not be so easy.

In the published photos, you can see how it is for this layout and placement of the side doors have solved this problem. In the event of high interest of potential customers to Mirrow Provocator, developers please us by several concepts: urban hatchback, commercial vans and taxis.

The manufacturer plans to release a serial Mirrow Provocator in 2 years, this actively look for sponsors and investors worldwide. The car of the future - so moving Provocator model that prepare modern electric motor and an advanced technical stuffing. The interior has its own style, but about the quality of finishing materials is too early to say. Although the declared value of the euro in 5000 does not allow to hope for a soft plastic and leather trim.

The main advantages of the new model are simplicity of operation and maintenance. Compared with conventional cars Mirrow Provocator is more economical to 15%.

For now hard at work on a prototype Provocator we can only wait for the fall and see for yourself the seriousness of this project ...

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Mirrow Provocator - a sensational novelty in the A-class

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