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Volvo/XC60,2.4(2015 y.)

Volvo XC60 2.4, 2015 first registration

Price: 21 500 €
45000 km.
Automatic transmission
Good condition
11:30 31.01.2019 y.
Volvo/V60,2.4(2014 y.)

Volvo V60 2.4, 2014 first registration

Price: 13 990 €
212000 km.
Hybrid (diesel/electric)
Automatic transmission
Good condition
00:49 10.09.2018 y.
Volvo/145,2.0(1974 y.)

Volvo 145 2.0, 1974 first registration

Price: 1 250 €
267150 km.
Automatic transmission
Good condition
20:31 03.03.2016 y.
Volvo/S70,2.5(1999 y.)

Volvo S70 2.5, 1999 first registration

Price: 3 500 €
Luxembourg, howald
109000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
15:04 28.02.2016 y.
Volvo/Laplander,3.0(1976 y.)

Volvo Laplander 3.0, 1976 first registration

Price: 6 000 €
Latvia, Riga
23000 km.
Manual gearbox
Normal condition
21:37 27.02.2016 y.
Volvo/S40,1.9(2003 y.)

Volvo S40 1.9, 2003 first registration

Price: 2 450 €
Hungary, Halasztelek
272000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
10:47 16.02.2016 y.
Volvo/V70,3.2(2007 y.)

Volvo V70 3.2, 2007 first registration

Price: 15 999 €
Germany, Briesen
74000 km.
Automatic transmission
Normal condition
20:05 07.02.2016 y.
Volvo/850,2.0(1996 y.)

Volvo 850 2.0, 1996 first registration

Price: 125 €
Germany, Fulda
281512 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
10:57 06.02.2016 y.
Volvo/V40,1.9(2001 y.)

Volvo V40 1.9, 2001 first registration

Price: 3 999 €
225000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
11:28 29.01.2016 y.
Volvo/XC70,3.0(2011 y.)

Volvo XC70 3.0, 2011 first registration

Price: 25 000 €
Estonia, Narva
43000 km.
Automatic transmission
Normal condition
09:19 28.01.2016 y.
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