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Mitsubishi/Lanser X Sportback,1.8(2010 y.)

Mitsubishi Lanser X Sportback 1.8, 2010 first registration

Price: 6 000 €
Bulgaria, София, Sofia
87800 km.
Manual gearbox
Normal condition
01:35 11.02.2019 y.
Mitsubishi/Pajero,6.6(2017 y.)

Mitsubishi Pajero 6.6, 2017 first registration

Price: 3 000 €
430000 km.
Automatic transmission
Normal condition
00:50 10.09.2018 y.
Mitsubishi/Colt,1.6(1992 y.)

Mitsubishi Colt 1.6, 1992 first registration

Price: 5 000 €
Norway, Orkanger
210000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
21:55 05.03.2016 y.
Mitsubishi/Outlander,2.4(2008 y.)

Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4, 2008 first registration

Price: 7 360 €
Norway, Sandnes
128000 km.
Automatic transmission
Normal condition
21:55 05.03.2016 y.
Mitsubishi/L 400,2.5(2000 y.)

Mitsubishi L 400 2.5, 2000 first registration

Price: 1 600 €
Netherlands, Hilversum
250000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
23:21 04.03.2016 y.
Mitsubishi/Pajero,2.5(1992 y.)

Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5, 1992 first registration

Price: 1 460 €
Netherlands, Leeuwarden
300000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
23:21 04.03.2016 y.
Mitsubishi/Lancer Evolution,2.0(2006 y.)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2.0, 2006 first registration

Price: 16 000 €
Moldova, Chisinau
72000 km.
Manual gearbox
Normal condition
12:09 01.03.2016 y.
Mitsubishi/Carisma,1.6(1996 y.)

Mitsubishi Carisma 1.6, 1996 first registration

Price: 179 €
Germany, Frankfurt
219000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
20:03 07.02.2016 y.
Mitsubishi/Colt,1.3(1997 y.)

Mitsubishi Colt 1.3, 1997 first registration

Price: 130 €
Germany, Traunstein
156000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
10:57 06.02.2016 y.
Mitsubishi/Lancer Evolution,2.0(2007 y.)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2.0, 2007 first registration

Price: 19 990 €
Estonia, Tallinn
126000 km.
Manual gearbox
Normal condition
09:20 28.01.2016 y.
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