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Mercedes-Benz/SL-class,5.5(1990 y.)

Mercedes-Benz SL-class 5.5, 1990 first registration

Price: 7 000 €
Sweden, Stockholm
320000 km.
Automatic transmission
Good condition
18:05 16.12.2015 y.
Mercedes-Benz/S-class,3.5(1995 y.)

Mercedes-Benz S-class 3.5, 1995 first registration

Price: 5 500 €
Sweden, Skokloster
29000 km.
Automatic transmission
Normal condition
09:47 15.12.2015 y.
Mercedes-Benz/S-class,3.6(1990 y.)

Mercedes-Benz S-class 3.6, 1990 first registration

Price: 4 000 €
Sweden, Uppsala
178092 km.
Manual gearbox
For parts
22:06 14.12.2015 y.

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