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BMW/Z4 Roadster,4.0(2004 y.)

BMW Z4 Roadster 4.0, 2004 first registration

Price: 8 €
Latvia, Riga
68000 km.
Automatic transmission
Good condition
20:43 29.08.2019 y.
BMW/X5,0.0(2010 y.)

BMW X5 0.0, 2010 first registration

Price: 17 000 €
80000 km.
Automatic transmission
Normal condition
06:53 29.07.2019 y.
BMW/3 Series Coupe,0.0(2010 y.)

BMW 3 Series Coupe 0.0, 2010 first registration

Price: 12 000 €
88871 km.
Automatic transmission
Good condition
13:01 26.07.2019 y.
BMW/5 Series Touring,2.0(2007 y.)

BMW 5 Series Touring 2.0, 2007 first registration

Price: 14 900 €
100177 km.
Manual gearbox
12:21 20.07.2019 y.
BMW/5 Series Sedan,2.3(2011 y.)

BMW 5 Series Sedan 2.3, 2011 first registration

Price: 9 000 €
258000 km.
Automatic transmission
Good condition
09:36 21.03.2019 y.
BMW/5 Series Sedan,2.0(2009 y.)

BMW 5 Series Sedan 2.0, 2009 first registration

Price: 6 000 €
United Kingdom, burnley
207000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
01:20 26.02.2019 y.
BMW/X5 M,6.0(2015 y.)

BMW X5 M 6.0, 2015 first registration

Price: 43 800 €
Greece, Athens
120000 km.
Automatic transmission
02:21 07.01.2019 y.
BMW/7 Series Sedan,4.6(2009 y.)

BMW 7 Series Sedan 4.6, 2009 first registration

Price: 8 500 €
138500 km.
Automatic transmission
Normal condition
17:02 10.11.2018 y.
BMW/1 Series ActiveE,1.6(2008 y.)

BMW 1 Series ActiveE 1.6, 2008 first registration

Price: 5 800 €
Romania, Bucharest
167 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
01:14 12.10.2018 y.
BMW/1 Series 5-door,0.0(2016 y.)

BMW 1 Series 5-door 0.0, 2016 first registration

Price: 23 900 €
Luxembourg, Differdange
38000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
23:02 04.10.2018 y.
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