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Bentley/Continental,4.9(1955 y.)

Bentley Continental 4.9, 1955 first registration

Price: 50 000 €
San Marino, San Marino
5000 km.
Automatic transmission
Normal condition
18:07 16.12.2015 y.
Infiniti/FX37,3.7(2010 y.)

Infiniti FX37 3.7, 2010 first registration

Price: 22 000 €
San Marino, Falciano
109000 km.
Automatic transmission
Normal condition
18:07 16.12.2015 y.

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Buying a car - a very important and responsible step, as this is an expensive purchase, so its selection should be approached with great responsibility. Before searching the autocar - it was a difficult task. It was necessary to spend a lot of time to find a vehicle that you want. Today, it has become much easier, as, thanks to the Internet, to make buying became much easier. Specially designed for car enthusiasts a website where there are thousands of ads of cars around the world. For example, the car market in San Marino offers motorists a lot of offers for the sale of vehicles. Everyone is sure to find in the list of proposals automobile of your dreams. - specialized site for motorists, which collected thousands of ads from manufacturing companies and individuals, as well as some useful information. This portal is a favorite among motorists, because here you can find answers to questions about the vehicles as well as you can buy or sell a motor car. To put the car on sale, just a few minutes to sit on the site and to specify in the space provided the necessary information about the vehicles. And very soon you will begin to seek buyers who are interested in your offer.
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