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Toyota/Camry,6.0(2018 y.)

Toyota Camry 6.0, 2018 first registration

Price: 35 900 €
Malta, Palatine
33800 km.
Automatic transmission
02:21 07.01.2019 y.
Volvo/V70,2.5(1997 y.)

Volvo V70 2.5, 1997 first registration

Price: 1 800 €
Malta, Malta
177500 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
10:29 21.12.2015 y.
Porsche/911 Turbo,3.8(2014 y.)

Porsche 911 Turbo 3.8, 2014 first registration

Price: 154 995 €
Malta, Malta
3200 km.
Automatic transmission
10:29 21.12.2015 y.

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