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The Germans upgraded the entire Volkswagen Transporter range

Under the onslaught of rivals at Volkswagen, they carried out a planned modernization of the cargo-passenger model called Transporter. As you know, Transporter's lineup also includes: Versatility - Multivan, Passenger - Caravelle, and California Camper, so the upgrades were deeper than conventional VW cars. The conveyor has changed not only from the outside, but with a completely electric version, which is a weighty trump in the struggle for leadership in the segment.

On board the newcomer, we will see a new information and entertainment system and many other modern features, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern vehicle. The Germans have been reviewing almost all systems ranging from safety to the introduction of a steering booster control system. This revision will support active steering intervention, depending on the situation. The main feature of the assistant is to stabilize the car at the load of the chassis. It is also necessary to introduce new systems of assistance in transportation of trellis and parking.

The interior of the updated Volkswagen Transporter looks much more modern thanks to modern architecture and new features. The cabin is ergonomically and functional, and it is the merit of the new multimedia system with a 10.25 inch monitor. Working with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the on-board system has many features including Internet support through an integrated eSIM card. The quality of the materials is better than the predecessor, while the car does not pretend to be victorious in the luxury segment. The manufacturer finally extended the basic modifications by adding everything at the initial level, including electric windows, a central lock, LED interior lighting and a 230V socket.

Transporter under the hood can be fitted with one of four versions of a 4-cylinder 2-liter turbodiesel with a power ranging from 90 to 193 hp. The most powerful modification can be completed with a full drive 4Motion and gear box DSG. The average fuel consumption varies between 5-8 liters per 100 km of run.

With the release of the restyling Volkswagen Transporter, the Germans plan to slightly increase the demand for their own veins, because the predecessor was not very successful in terms of price / quality ratio. Prices for the updated version of Transporter should be kept at the level of the last generation of the model, with the car becoming much more attractive and better equipped ...



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The Germans upgraded the entire Volkswagen Transporter range

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