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An updated Volkswagen Passat is presented

The Germans once again forced the entire automotive world to wait for the release of a restyling modification of the mid-size model called Passat. The restyled car received more modern hybrid technology and updated interior design. Among the expected changes, it should be noted the increase of up to 50 km run of the GTE version of the electricity without the participation of the internal combustion engine. So, let's take a closer look at all the improvements to the new Volkswagen Passat 2019 model year.

The next month, the release of the 30 millionth model exhaust system of the Volkswagen Passat model was announced. As you know, Passat came out in 1973 and has already managed to change eight generations in 45 years. The modern Passat remains a benchmark in the middle class, so the manufacturer carefully approached the next restyling of this model. The most significant innovation of the updated Volkswagen Passat was the GTE modification, based on the hybrid plug-in technology. The total capacity of the gasoline and electrical installation is the same 215 hp, but due to increased capacity of the lithium battery, the range of travel by car increased by 40%. In addition to the hybrid, the Germans are ready to offer ordinary gasoline and diesel engines. The power range is from 120 to 280 hp

The restyled VW Passat will have a wide range of stand-alone drive options. The system that helps drive a car is called the IQ Drive and has two assistants - adaptive cruise control and lane monitoring function, and the car can independently control the braking system and control the acceleration. As before, the model will have two variants of a body - a sedan and a versatile person, according to the last type of body has 80% of European sales. Exterior of the Passat looks rather presentable and modern. Styling has spread not only on the headlights of the main light, but also on the front and rear bumpers.

The biggest changes we saw in the interior of the updated Passat, which saw the virtual cockpit Digital Cockpit and the new information and entertainment system with a 9.2-inch touch screen. The interface of multimedia, which has received online services and modern graphic system, has improved. The quality of the finishing materials is great, so compete with Passat with any premium sedan in its class.

In Europe, a newcomer will be available for sale in the beginning of spring 2019 at the price of a predecessor who has already been withdrawn from production ...



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An updated Volkswagen Passat is presented

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