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The Germans brought the new generation of Mercedes CLA to CES

A pleasant surprise for many visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show, an electronics and gadget, was the car premiere of a new four-door coupe from the Mercedes brand called CLA. From the coupe, the vehicles are completing the formation of the A-Class range, as the smallest representative of the brand. The newbie has an original body type and is unlike any rivals from BMW and Audi, so Mercedes expects to be interested in a compact coupe from well-off young people who want to combine style and modern technology into the car.

The first thing that attracts attention in the new Mercedes CLA is its dimensions that have grown in all directions, namely: 5 cm in length and 0.5 cm in width. The manufacturer managed to extend the rear and front gauge by almost 6 cm. Unlike from the predecessor, the body shape looks more harmonious and holistic. The wheel base is 3 cm longer than the A-Class hatchback, so the amount of space for passengers has increased in the back seat. The only thing that has become smaller is the boot box, but not much. The newbie has a luggage compartment with a volume of 460 yr against 470 liters from the predecessor.

The interiors are the same as the A-Class hatchback, but the MBUX multimedia system has been refined and has more features. Maybe the information and entertainment complex Germans make an accent, because they brought the new CLA to Las Vegas specially for the CES exhibition. Among the new features we note the ability to control gestures and voice. The quality of the materials has been at the highest level, so expect quite a fair price even for the basic version of Mercedes CLA.

In Las Vegas, the modification of the CLA 250 has been demonstrated, which means that under the bonnet a 4-cylinder 220 hp petrol engine works. Couple with the engine comes with a full drive and automatic gearbox. Subsequently, special versions of the CLA 35 AMG and the CLA 45 AMG will be introduced to the European markets, which will receive top motors and equipment. At the exhibition, the manufacturer announced the approximate prices for his novelty. So, for a basic CLA 180 it is necessary to lay no less than 30 thousand euros ...


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The Germans brought the new generation of Mercedes CLA to CES

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