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At the Los Angeles Auto Show, the BMW M340i xDrive was presented

Especially for the North American market, Germans from BMW have prepared a charged modification of the new three under the index M340i xDrive. The letter "M" in the title says nothing but about preparing Bavarians for the introduction of the market top version of the M3. The debut of a powerful sedan fell on a car show in Los Angeles, where he attracted the attention of almost all visitors to the exhibition. It is in the US that this version will be most demanded, because local fans of the legendary brand are striving for maximum drive and emotion.

In Europe, the BMW M340i xDrive will launch in July next year and will offer an inline 3-liter sixth for 370 bhp. and 500 Nm of torque. Adding 50 hp Compared to the predecessor, the newcomer improved his own dynamic performance.

Last but not least, at the expense of a full drive, the sedan overcomes the first hundred in just 4.4 seconds while the average fuel consumption remains within 10 liters per 100 km of run. With the power plant, the only 8-speed automatic gearbox is fitted. On the M340i xDrive, the M Sport rear axle locking system and the engine start control and sports exhaust system are installed. Also, this model features a more powerful braking system and an underarm sport suspension.

The manufacturer tried to allocate the charged M340i xDrive among the remaining three at the expense of design chips and customization features. The aggressive appearance of the inherent "M" series is easy to recognize on a radiator grid, which instead of vertical stripes received a mesh texture. We also noticed the original pillow spoiler and huge 19-inch alloy wheels. The front and rear optics look very convincing, especially in the night, when the LED rays illuminate everything around bright and bright light. The interiors do not look so old-fashioned as before, and even the special materials and colors look wise and modern. Sport Sport M Sport has inserts from Alcantara and ideally falls into the driver's hands. In general, the salon of the new three in Paris was impressed by its quality and thoughtfulness of details. Ergonomics of the booth from the driver's seat is a benchmark for all without exception, so competitors will not have to laugh in the struggle for leadership in the D-Class.

Bavarians had time to hint that the basic BMW M340i xDrive would not be a cheap car, and most likely its cost would cross the mark of 50 thousand dollars ...


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At the Los Angeles Auto Show, the BMW M340i xDrive was presented

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