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Seat/Leon,1.6(2015 y.)

Seat Leon 1.6, 2015 first registration

Price: 12 500 €
Denmark, aalborg
130000 km.
Manual gearbox
Normal condition
08:42 16.04.2018 y.
Seat/Leon,1.9(2001 y.)

Seat Leon 1.9, 2001 first registration

Price: 1 750 €
Netherlands, Aalten
309000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
23:21 04.03.2016 y.
Seat/Alhambra,1.9(2001 y.)

Seat Alhambra 1.9, 2001 first registration

Price: 1 999 €
Netherlands, Dodewaaard
324804 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
23:20 04.03.2016 y.
Seat/Ibiza,2.0(1998 y.)

Seat Ibiza 2.0, 1998 first registration

Price: 2 100 €
Lithuania, Panev?ys
274560 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
13:14 28.02.2016 y.
Seat/Ibiza,1.9(2001 y.)

Seat Ibiza 1.9, 2001 first registration

Price: 2 850 €
Luxembourg, noertrange
255000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
13:13 28.02.2016 y.
Seat/Toledo,2.0(2005 y.)

Seat Toledo 2.0, 2005 first registration

Price: 4 099 €
Latvia, Riga
182000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
21:39 27.02.2016 y.
Seat/Ibiza,1.6(2000 y.)

Seat Ibiza 1.6, 2000 first registration

Price: 600 €
Italy, Nocera Inferiore
185000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
11:11 26.02.2016 y.
Seat/Alhambra,1.9(2001 y.)

Seat Alhambra 1.9, 2001 first registration

Price: 2 200 €
Hungary, Agrd
352000 km.
Manual gearbox
Good condition
10:48 16.02.2016 y.
Seat/Ibiza,1.4(2010 y.)

Seat Ibiza 1.4, 2010 first registration

Price: 9 999 €
Greece, Thessaloniki
110000 km.
Automatic transmission
Good condition
11:49 12.02.2016 y.
Seat/Leon,2.0(2007 y.)

Seat Leon 2.0, 2007 first registration

Price: 10 000 €
Greece, volos
55000 km.
Manual gearbox
Normal condition
11:49 12.02.2016 y.
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